Founded in 2009, EmBee Creatives has come a long way in a very short period of time. We've worked with some truly inspiring people and businesses, that all have one thing in common: they have an extraordinary drive to be successful. Our creative squad here at EmBee all bring unique skills and experiences to the table that enable us to create and execute our creative work. We value the collaboration process with our clients as it's crucial to understand the people and the vision for the companies we partner with. We ensure we are there every step of the way in every project we indulge in to make sure that all corners of every project are covered. 

Today, EmBee Creatives is now helping individuals and businesses explore and create complex work seamlessly. We operate in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver - however we have no limitations to where and who we collaborate with. We are a creative group here, so let's work together to leave your mark on the world.